How Does A Responsive Web Design Benefit A Business?

The term “responsive website” refers to a site that adapts to the size of the browser window being viewed. A website of this kind renders content differently depending on the screen size or device to provide the best experience no matter how the visitor accesses the site. A responsive design can make your site load quickly without causing any distortion, so you don’t have to manually resize the pages to see the content. A responsive website design Horley also offers several other important advantages.

An increase in mobile traffic

Nearly half of all web traffic to the biggest websites comes from mobile devices. Thus, it’s essential that companies design their websites for small screens in a way that will display correctly without distortion or poor layout on the small screens. While some businesses still build a separate mobile version of their website, responsive web design eliminates that need. Despite its affordability, it offers versatility.

Cost-effective maintenance

It is necessary to test and support a different mobile version. On the other hand, responsive website development involves standard testing methodology that ensures an optimal layout on any screen size. There are also two content strategies, two design teams, and two administrative interfaces to consider when having different versions for desktop and mobile.

Due to responsive web design Horley ‘one size fits all’ approach, developers, owners and visitors are less likely to encounter a variety of issues. Their unique approach also allows them to be built and maintained at a lower cost. Maintenance takes up a significant amount of time that might otherwise be spent on marketing and content creation.

Developing quickly at a low cost

Building a responsive website is faster than building a separate mobile app alongside a standard desktop version. Due to the fact that time is money, responsive websites automatically cost less than their alternatives. Even if the initial cost of developing a responsive website is higher than building two separate websites, it allows businesses to save money on maintenance, configuration, and other costs in the long run.

Faster Page Loading

User attention spans tend to be short for mobile users. Pages that load more slowly than 3 seconds are usually abandoned. The loading and navigation of a website will be even slower if it is not properly optimized for tablets and smartphones. The user becomes frustrated and abandons the page. An adaptive web design will prevent that from happening. Websites such as these make use of latest technologies like responsive image display and caching to improve loading speed.

Better SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO depends greatly on responsive web design. Sometimes, it even trumps the content. Stronger backlinks and a better bounce rate result in better search rankings. Moreover, mobile-optimized websites have an additional SEO benefit. When a website has a responsive design rather than two separate versions for mobile and desktop, duplicate content will not be an issue that can harm a website’s search engine ranking.

A responsive web design for a website offers many advantages.