What Are Your Health And Safety Responsibilities at Work?

The workplace is supposed to be a safe and responsible place for employees, but numerous precautions are missed at work! Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 assigns employers the responsibility for making sure their employees are safe and healthy. A genuine check should also be conducted on other individuals who could come into contact with the company. However, if this isn’t done, expectations may be exceeded.

Several forms of health and safety training should also be made available under these terms to individual employees in the company, and the person whose responsibilities include overseeing the employees should sign and date these forms. Many training programs can be offered to employees, including health & safety awareness programs, manual handling courses, food safety courses, CDM courses, fire safety courses, and more.

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, it is the employer’s duty to carry out risk assessments on hazardous materials, and it is therefore also their responsibility to not only ensure that these assessments are implemented, but also to train staff how to use them effectively.

Even if it is apparent that management and training schemes are simple, there are, in fact, a number of different places in the workplace for risk assessments, and if the employer does not know about them, then training is absolutely necessary. Handling Operations, Personal Protective Equipment, Mechanical equipment and Hand Arm Vibrations (HAV) are a few of the areas requiring risk assessments.


People who think they need to improve health and safety at work, but aren’t sure where to begin, can use the internet to search for options. Most sites offer free company health checks that include questions such as “Do you provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?”. During your health and safety course, you will take a quiz to assess your knowledge.

It is possible to find a number of companies that will provide a variety of training in health and safety issues, from asbestos awareness training to manual handling. Additionally, they will provide you with a report with the results of your assessment, assist you with ensuring your company is complying with the law, and assist you with taking control over health and safety.

No matter if you’re a government agency or a large private organisation, you must put health and safety first.